Money Clip Wallets Are the Perfect Modern Day Accessory

A man’s wallet should reflect his personality accurately. Neat and sleek is an obvious way you want it to be, right? You would not want to carry bulky, big fat wallet, would you? Money Clip Wallets are considered the most stylish and neat alternative to traditional bulky ones.

Lots of guys who use them often find themselves loaded with cards, bills, and IDs flying out in different directions. Hard to be streamlined when you are looking for cash to pay at the cash counter of a supermarket.

Why Are Money Clips the Perfect Solution?

Money Clip Wallets are the ideal solution to big, and messy wallets. They are keeping a perfect balance between style and function.

What exactly are money clip? It is a type of stylish wallet with an additional feature of a money clip.

Money clip wallets look similar to ordinary billfold wallets but thinner. That is because there is no separate slot for bills, and no side pockets. Most money clip wallets run through the center, and there are usually slots for credit cards at the sides.

There are though some features you should look out for when you purchase money clip wallets.

leather money clip wallet

How to Find Excellent Quality in Money Clip Wallets?

Money clip wallets will differ regarding quality. You should examine money clip itself at the time of purchase. Open and close the clip repeatedly a few times to check the quality.

The opening action should be quick and easy, but its grip should be tighter when it snaps back and close the clip. The spring mechanism of the money clip should also work perfectly. The best way to test it is to bring about 18-20 paper bills with you when you go shopping for a money clip wallet. Test the clip and make sure it holds all the notes in place. The bills should be tightly held at their place if the spring mechanism is working well.

You should also check the money if it is affixed or it can be detached. You should always opt for a non-detachable clip as this eliminates the chance of slipping the entire clip out of the wallet without you noticing.

The money clip is actually the most important feature of a money clip wallet. Moreover, this makes the wallet stiffer than a typical billfold wallet. So always select a money clip wallet that is made out of soft and flexible leather. This will bring more comfort for you especially when the wallet is inside your pocket.

All money clip wallets are intended to be sleeker than the ordinary billfold wallet. You should always look for the currency size the wallet is designed for. Some are intended for specific currencies such as U.S. dollar. Make sure you purchase the appropriate one specially designed for the currency bills you will be keeping.

Always consider your needs and your personal style. Style only looks best when it serves the right purpose.  You do not want to see your paper bills to be spilling out from the wallet, inviting dishonest hands or making a major shock.

The purpose of sharing all the tips and information above is to make your purchase wise. A right money clip wallet will always be the perfect accessory for you.


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